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SmartVax is the philosophy of taking a balanced, scientific, and safe approach to vaccination.  This website, by the Coalition for SafeMinds, is intended to provide information and promote discussion on a smarter approach to vaccines.

Is it acceptable for many children to suffer vaccine injuries in order to avoid one child suffering an adverse event from an infectious disease?  When weighing the risks, research suggests that the current USA vaccine schedule has a far higher risk of vaccine-injury versus the injury risk from diseases.  Shouldn't we be able to adopt a smarter vaccination approach that protects against infectious diseases, while also minimizing vaccine-injuries to a fraction of the current vaccine-injury rates?  SmartVax is a balanced, scientific, and safe approach to vaccination that views vaccines as medical treatments that have both benefits and risks that must be weighed and researched.  By vaccinating smartly and pursuing scientific research on vaccine-injuries, vaccine-injuries can be reduced while providing protection against infectious diseases.

To most benefit from this website, we suggest reading the sections above in order from left to right.  The first section describes the how the prevailing "maximize vaccines" ("Max-Vax") approach took root in the late 1970's, becoming further entrenched with the 1986 law which protects vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits, and how the SmartVax approach is different.  The second section provides analysis indicating that current vaccine-injury risk is quantitatively much greater than the disease risk even if vaccines didn't exist.  The third section describes how prospective parents might utilize a SmartVax approach to alternative vaccination for reducing risk, and includes questions to ask of the pediatrician.  The fourth section describes how to take action for children's health by becoming an advocate for SmartVax policies, regulations, and research so that in the future the USA will have a vaccine program that is both safer and more effective.

SmartVax is dedicated to fully-informed consent regarding vaccinations and supports the rights of consumers to make educated choices.  SmartVax does not encourage or discourage vaccination.  This website is intended to be used for information only and not to offer medical advice.  Individuals should be aware of the limitations of any single source of information in making personal healthcare decisions. The SmartVax website is not intended to contain an exhaustive summary of all studies related to each vaccine, but rather to draw consumers’ attention to research and issues that they may not have been aware of or considered.  The website is intended to promote questions and dialog in an effort to allow each patient to weigh the risks and benefits of a particular vaccine in their individual circumstances.  We strongly encourage consumers to become informed and do their own research.  For those looking for a comprehensive summary of vaccine research, we recommend using the public access to medical abstracts and some full texts of studies available at the PubMed.gov site provided by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.  SmartVax is not responsible for individual medical decisions, and use of the information on this website is solely at your own risk.

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This website is brought to you by the Coalition for SafeMinds.

SafeMinds was founded to raise awareness, support research, change policy and focus national attention on the growing evidence that environmental triggers contribute to neurological disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorder, language delay and learning difficulties. Our mission is to restore health and protect future generations by eradicating the devastation of autism and associated health disorders that are induced by environmental triggers. A portion of SafeMinds' focus is on the role that vaccines might play in environmentally-induced autism, and SafeMinds members have participated in various governmental vaccine-policy and autism research committees to encourage research in this area.  It has become apparent to SafeMinds that there is a reluctance amongst some government officials to pursue the rigorous science necessary to get the answers.